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Health Center

Personalized Health ServicesResident room inside retirement community

Since 1969, the Health Center has provided quality care with a person-centered philosophy and a highly experienced, compassionate staff.

Because of our Life Care commitment, if and when a resident moves to the Health Center on a permanent basis, the monthly fee that they were paying in their apartment or townhome is the fee that follows them, plus a monthly meal charge and perhaps an enhanced level of care fee.. 

The Health Center is also available to residents for short stays that might be required for situations such as recuperation from a hospital stay.

Elderly group in an activities classWe know there's more to resident care than physical wellness, so that's why we've made our Health Center comfortable and inviting. Each resident has a private room that readily accommodates personal effects and decorating touches to make it uniquely yours, uniquely home.

As an added service, Northcrest provides access to a range of licensed and certified professional therapies and services that come right to the Health Center.

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