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Memory Care

Heartwood HouseSocial area in the community residence

The Heartwood House is a community within the Northcrest Community. Heartwood House helps people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia continue to experience life's pleasures--no matter what challenges they face.


Whether it's the joy of touching a homemade quilt, the comfort of a simple pattern, or the scent of baked cookies, Heartwood House ensures that while some memories are lost, all pleasures are not.


We have specifically designed the Heartwood House to support independence and emphasize dignity and personal choice because we know that living environments influence our quality of life and health. Heartwood House provides a tranquil setting both indoors and outdoors.


Outdoor area for community residentsIt's the perfect place to get the quality care loved ones need--free of frustrating hazards and distractions.


The interior is specially designed for Alzheimer's and dementia patients--from the "way-finding" and sound systems, to the colors, artwork, flooring, and lighting. Outdoors, there is a spacious garden with a gazebo, porch, water fountain, and bird feeders.


Heartwood House is designed to comfort and support the body, mind, and spirit in a physically and emotionally safe place so residents and their loved ones can truly experience more joy in living.


Team Heartwood House

Staff members, family members and residents unite for a common goal at the annual Walk to End Alzheimer's. Northcrest is a major sponsor of the event--it is close to our hearts.


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