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Northcrest Memorials | Corinne Wolins

Northcrest Memorials | Corinne Wolins

Corinne Edna Moss Wolins was born Aug. 30, 1927, to Ben and Florence Moss in Canton, Ohio, and the family moved soon thereafter to Columbus, Ohio, where Corinne lived through her school years.

In high school during World War II Corinne, an only child (a brother died in infancy), learned to shop for and cook family meals to contribute while her parents both worked. She learned to budget using ration stamps, coupons and allowance and it was the beginning of her lifelong love of cooking and baking. After high school, she worked and started college locally, and at 19, moved to New York City to study art at the famed Art Students League and explore independent living.

When she returned to Columbus, re-enrolling at Ohio State University, she met her future husband, Leroy Wolins. They married June 14, 1952, and were together 62 years until his death. The couple moved with their young daughter, Deborah, to Ames, Iowa, in 1958 where Leroy took a teaching position at Iowa State University. Corinne was a faculty wife, involved in community affairs and her (eventually) three (Seth and Nathan joined the family!) children’s education. She encouraged them in their studies, in exploring the arts and sports.

In 1969 Corinne, Leroy and the children relocated to Bern, Switzerland for a year, and in 1973 they spent time in Marburg, Germany—an important period in many ways in their lives. Corinne was especially taken by the European foods that she encountered, in particular the breads. So when the family returned to Iowa, Corinne took the giant step of trying to recreate the delicious artisan breads she had eaten for others to enjoy. With the help of her family, in 1976, at the age of 49 she opened Bread and Rolls Bakery in Huxley, Iowa. It was a wholesale business at first, but the fresh-baked aromas soon had townspeople demanding she sell retail too. The bakery expanded to serve meals and Swiss fondue at Old Town Cafe in 1980. By the time Corinne retired, she had a customer base that knew artisan breads and a skilled crew that continued baking. In a male dominated industry, Corinne persevered as a strong businesswoman, and broke ground by refusing to use preservatives. Putting quality above all else, she planned, baked, sold and delivered her own wares until her retirement in 1990.

Retirement years were full. She relished time with family, friends and good food. She took classes. She created pastel family portraits and still-life drawings, returning to her roots as an aspiring artist. She loved to travel, and when her husband didn’t accompany her, she traveled with Elder Hostel. Corinne volunteered many places and taught when asked. She and Leroy welcomed friends from around the world into their hearts and home. She was an avid reader and curious about people and history. She’d love to hear about your children, your grandkids, your pets. What grows in your garden? What’s cooking? Where have you been and what did you see? She would always feed you well and if you’d like, she could tell about her last trip, meal by detailed meal. Family and friends have many reasons to smile when we think of her. Her sense of humor was priceless.

Although difficult to bid goodbye to their beloved home, in 2014 she and Leroy moved to Northcrest Community. She was glad they did. Corinne made new friends and reconnected with others, even a couple who had their wedding cakes done by her bakery and another who remembers working with Corinne’s mother at the First Baptist Church. The family thanks all of the good people at Northcrest.

Oct. 20, 2019, Corinne passed away with family at her side, preceded by her infant brother, Robert, and husband Leroy, in 2014. Surviving her are children and grandchildren: Deb (Gary) Seite, Seth (Michelle) Wolins, Nat (Alane) Wolins, Evan (Ashlin Mahood) Seite, Ben Wolins, Kayla Wolins, Matt (Amy and great grandson Rory) Carder. For her family she has left her stories and recipes to decipher and try duplicating as well. Messages of condolence may be sent to Deb Seite, 3730 Wilson Ave., Story City, IA 50248.

In lieu of flowers please donate to Food At First.

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