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Northcrest Board of Directors

The individuals on the Board of Directors are from varying backgrounds who come together to serve Northcrest Community because they believe in its not-for-profit vision and mission. They donate their time and energy because they've come to know Northcrest Community as a community where older adults live each and every day to the fullest. Together with residents, the Board makes Northcrest Community the premier senior living community in central Iowa!

Joe Traylor, Ex-Officio, President

Professor, Physics & Computer Science, Buena Vista University, Retired

  Board Member, Joe Traylor

Jere Maddux, Ex-Officio, Treasurer

Senior Member, Newbrough Law, Retired


Ken Augustine, Board Member

Former Owner, Home Furniture, Retired


Mary Ellen Carano, Board Member

Coordinator, William R. Bliss Cancer Resource Center, Mary Greeley Medical Center


Omar Barrientos, Board Member

Principal at SB&A Architects 


Dean Sampson, Board Member



Kris Evans, Board Member

Engineer, Water & Pollution Control Department, City of Ames 


Sarah Heikens, Board Member

Director, Cancer Resource Center, Mary Greeley Medical Center


Cindy Inbody, Board Member

Vice-President & Senior Wealth Advisor, First National Bank 


Rebecca Reisinger, Board Member

Partner, Newbrough Law


Barbara Woods, Board Member

Special Projects Manager at Iowa State University 

Dawn Borwig, Ex-Officio Board Member

CEO/Administrator, Northcrest Community 


Heidi Palmer, Ex-Officio Board Member

CFO, Northcrest Community


Nicole Facio, Ex-Officio, Foundation President

Partner, Newbrough Law


Rev. Jacquline L. Saxon, Ex-Officio Board Member



Joanie Tedesco, Residents' Council Representative


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