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The Life-Care Difference

Why should I move to Northcrest?

Moving to Northcrest is a choice that provides you with carefree independent living for the rest of your life; free of the burdens of home maintenance, lawn care, and snow removal. Northcrest offers you the opportunity to pursue activities and events that perhaps you didn’t previously have the time to do, such as volunteering, attending Lifelong Learning classes at Iowa State University, playing bridge, bowling, golfing or attending the numerous events available at ISU. Moving to Northcrest provides you with an extended family of residents and staff that creates our unique atmosphere of a home. 


But one of the most important and beneficial reasons for you to move to Northcrest is the guaranteed Life-Care commitment that we make to each and every resident.


What does Life-Care mean to me?

Life-Care is a unique concept that provides a crucial level of financial protection to safeguard against future medical expenses. Northcrest makes a huge commitment to everyone who moves here - that no matter what happens, we will be here to meet your physical and financial needs. 


When you come to Northcrest through independent living, you are guaranteed a home for the rest of your life. If and when you move to the Health Center on a permanent basis, the monthly fee that you are paying for your apartment or townhome is the fee that follows you to the Health Center. The only addition to the monthly fee is a meal charge.


1 BR apartment monthly fee                $ 1628

Meal charge                                            $   840 

Total monthly fee:              $ 2468


With the rising cost of long-term health care, monthly costs for nursing care can quickly escalate to amounts in excess of $8,000 per month. Northcrest's Life-Care program offers protection from paying catastrophic long-term care expenses  -  a freedom that empowers our residents to focus on living a full life after retirement.


Northcrest also realizes that some people may outlive their assets. If that happens, the Life-Care commitment provides financial support to the resident. No one is ever asked to leave Northcrest because of lack of funds.

Never worry about the escalating health care costs if your health care needs change.
 Life-Care provides you with a lifetime of care and financial security!
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