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You'll have to follow some steps in order to view the live stream. 

Click here for the link. 

After clicking the link, please enter the following credentials.

Username:  cbsconstruction

Password:  cbscamera

Once you've entered the username and password, they will see a screen similar to this.

Make sure that the drop down options at the top of the screen match what is in the picture. The first drop down should say "Northcrest" and the second drop down should say "Andrew's Camera".

You should now see the latest picture taken from the camera. 

To switch to a live feed of the project, locate the button on the left side of the screen with a  picture of a camera on it, labeled "Camera". After selecting "View Live Stream," you will be able to see live footage of the construction site. 

Notice the "Live Stream" option on the left, which appears after clicking on the Camera button. Do NOT use the "LiveView" option at the bottom of the screen; it does not always work.

One more thing to add: If you want to make the view full screen, you can hover over the image and click on the button in the top right corner of the view. Hitting ESC will take you out of full screen. 

To end the stream, hover over the video playing and select "Stop Stream" in the middle bottom of the view.


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