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Moving to Northcrest is a choice that provides you with carefree independent living for the rest of your life. One of the most important and beneficial reasons for you to move to Northcrest is the guaranteed Life-Care commitment that we make to each and every resident. When you come to Northcrest through independent living, you are guaranteed to have a home and full life care for the rest of your life.

Northcrest is more than a senior living community - it exudes small-town charm. Northcrest’s retirement services offer the physical, social and professional network to inspire active independent living, yet encourage new relationships and a passion for life.

Through our unique, total Life-Care approach, our senior living residents enjoy all the amenities of carefree independent living - as well as the ultimate in peace of mind and security.

But what about our mission, values, and vision? They are just as important today as they were in 1965 when Northcrest Community began.

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Northcrest Mission

Northcrest is committed to providing services to benefit older adults that include a continuum of Life-Care services and living options, which promote independence and a nurturing environment with dignity and respect that includes personal and financial security.

Northcrest Values

The six petals of the Northcrest logo represent the values and philosophy of Northcrest.


Northcrest provides a caring and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of each resident.


Northcrest encourages understanding and acceptance while offering freedom of choice.


Northcrest provides physical as well as financial security.


Northcrest encourages residents to become active partners in both the Ames and Northcrest Community.


Northcrest offers the physical, social, and professional network to inspire active independence.


Northcrest provides privacy of the individual resident while maintaining regard for the welfare of the whole Northcrest family.

Underlying all values, goals, and objectives is the Christian ideal of love of God and neighbor.

Northcrest Vision

The vision of Northcrest is to provide services to benefit older adults that include quality living arrangements in a continuum of care, with the appropriate programs and services, during retirement years at reasonable costs.

Redefine your hopes and aspirations while socializing with new friends, improving your health and well-being, and exploring your spirituality. At Northcrest, we believe you deserve retirement living in your own, independent way!

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