Northcrest Community

Northcrest Foundation Board of Directors

President, Pam Fleener

Vice-President and Senior Trust Officer, First National Bank

Vice President, Nicole Facio

Partner, Newbrough Law

Secretary/Treasurer, Joe Traylor

Professor, Physics and Computer Science, Buena Vista University, Retired

Secretary/Treasurer, Joe Traylor

Board Member, Phyllis Crouse

BSN, MPH, Executive Director, Older Adult Services/Prime Time Alive, Mary Greeley Medical Center, Retired

Board Member, Bill Dreyer

Architect, RDG-Rudi/Lee/Dreyer, Retired

Board Member, Sarah Jungers

Development Officer for Grateful Clients in College of Vet Medicine, ISU Foundation

Ad-Hoc Member, Jere Maddux

Senior Member, Newbrough Law, Retired

Ad Hoc Member, Jere Maddux

Ex-Officio Member, Dave Miller

Associate Vice-President for Facilities, Iowa State University, Retired

Ex-officio Member, Dave Miller

Ex-Officio Member, Linda Doyle

Director of Development, Northcrest Foundation

Ex-Officio Member, Linda Doyle

Ex-Officio Member, Deborah J. Russell

CFO, Northcrest, Inc.

Ex-Officio Member, Deborah J. Russell

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